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Floor Plans Sell your Home

Selling your home is a challenging process, but there are steps you can take to make the process simpler. You need to make sure your property listing grabs attention, and you need to help buyers imagine themselves living in the property. By considering these aspects, it is safe to say floor plans sell your home.

There was a study carried out in 2018 which spoke to vendors and buyers after property deals ended. 80% of vendors stated a belief that floor plans are very useful or essential when they listed their property for sale. Buyers were asked the same question, and 88% responded by saying floor plans are very useful or essential when looking at property listings.

There will be some people who say you don't need a floor plan to sell a home. You can guarantee there will be cynical people who say floor plans are an excuse for agents to generate more income, as opposed to positively impact buyers. However, you don't technically need photographs or well-written and descriptive property listings to sell a house.

However, images and property listings are considered essential in the sales process, because they generate better results. The exact same can be said for floorplans. Rightmove carried out a study on the importance of floor plans to vendors, and the findings should be enough to persuade people who are unsure of the merits of floor plans.

Over a third of buyers who were asked said the absence of a floor plan in a property listing made them less likely to ask about the property. One in five respondents said a lack of a floor plan lead them to dismiss the listing. In a highly competitive market, vendors cannot afford to dismiss so many buyers, purely because their listing lacks a floor plan.

Floor plans create the flow of the house for the buyer

Images of the home are important, but they only tell so much. Buyers will get a feel for certain rooms, but they don't learn about the flow of the property or how rooms connect and engage. If there are unique features in the property, it is often difficult for a buyer to visualise how it engages with the rest of the home from just a photograph.

Floor plan provides useful information for buyers

Another fantastic reason to offer an accurate floor plan with measurements is it makes life easier for buyers. When you offer these details, buyers can make an honest assessment as to whether the house is suitable for them. You may lose some interest at this stage, but the interest which remains will be more likely to pursue an interest.

Floor plans position a buyer in your house

The psychological impact for buyers when they see a floor plan is they start to visualise the property, and themselves in it. When this happens, you are far more likely to see the buyer pursue the sale. If a buyer cannot imagine themselves living in the property, they won't act, but if they can, you have a firm platform for selling a home.

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