Improve The Value Of Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home, there is a lot to be said for improving the value of your property. There is a range of ways you can make positive changes around your home, and at Innovate, we are here to assist you.

According to research carried out by the Tap Warehouse, upgrading your kitchen and bathroom can improve the value of your home by per cent.

Boost the value of your home with a kitchen or bathroom upgrade

With the average price of UK home’s standing at GBP 235,298; this represents an increase of GBP 23,529. This would see the house value move up to GBP 258,827.

According to Zoopla, as of the start of September 2020, the average value of property in the West Midlands is GBP 231,979. 10% of this sum is more than GBP 23,000, which means adding 10 per cent would lead to a value of more than GBP 250,000.

Desirable features in the kitchen include:

Spacious and modern storage units

Island or breakfast bar

Glass doors leading outside of the property

Desirable features in the bathroom include:

Good quality tiles and grouting

A stand-alone bath-tub

A power shower

Four top tips from the experts at Tap Warehouse are as follows:

Any homeowner who cannot justify the cost of a breakfast bar or kitchen island should consider buying a standalone unit.

Clean the grout on your tiles or re-grout the tiles – which will result in the bathroom or kitchen looking newer than it did before.

If you are looking for an affordable way to upgrade the style of your kitchen or bathroom, you will find upgrading the taps is a great idea.

When decorating with selling in mind, opt for neutral colours, as this will help you appeal to more prospective buyers.

Tom Drake is a DIY specialist at Tap Warehouse, and he said; “Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the most expensive rooms to renovate, so poor quality in either of these is likely to give buyers the perception they'll need to invest a lot of money on renovations.”

Do your research before carrying out work

It is vital you carry out research on what your home needs and what buyers are looking for in your area before you commit to work. With an informed decision, you will have a much bigger impact.

At Innovate, we are more than happy to assist you in selling your home. We can provide you with a property valuation, which is the ideal starting point in selling your home.

Tom also said; “However, if you make the investments yourself before you place your home on the market, you’re more likely to increase your profit. After consulting with property professionals, we uncovered that investing into the kitchen and bathroom can increase the average house value by 10 per cent (23,529 pounds). In our experience it's often the smallest details that can dramatically improve the perception of a home. Simply installing a new tap or a modern shower can completely transform an entire room.

We know these are challenging times, but at Innovate, we are here to help. If you have questions about the West Midlands property and rental market, get in touch with Innovate, and we will be happy to assist you.

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