Can You Make Your West Midlands House Sale Ready During Lockdown?

There is Government guidance in place for the housing market, and at Innovate, we are following these regulations. We are still operating, and we are here to assist any client who requires our assistance or guidance. We are following social distancing regulations, and we know some people are looking to move as soon as they possibly can.

Any West Midlands homeowner who is keen to enter the market as soon as they can after lockdown ends, should utilise their time at home. There is a lot of work you can do during the lockdown procedure, which will help you enter the property market confidently when the time is right.

Make changes now and enjoy longer-term benefits

If you are looking for a project to keep you active and make your home more liveable right now, you can do so to sell your home in the future.

We advise all vendors to declutter and clean their home thoroughly before entering the sales market. When you declutter a house, you create space, which will be much needed right now. Studies also indicate many people feel cleaning and decluttering boosts their mental well-being, which is an outcome a lot of people are looking for right now.

Why is decluttering a crucial part of the sales process?

The following factors are all important when it comes to decluttering as part of the sales process:

When you declutter, you make a home seem larger, which makes it more attractive to buyers

After you have decluttered your home, it is easier to clean, which helps you make your home more appealing to buyers

Decluttering your house lowers the personalisation of your house, and this assists buyers to picture themselves living in the home

All these outcomes help you attract buyers to your listings, so it is worth considering these steps. During the lockdown, your options for removing items from your home might be limited, so please consider this.

A lot of charity stores are temporarily closed, but there is hope local waste, refuse and recycling centres will re-open soon. Stay in touch with your local council and news outlets to see when it is safe to dispose of your unwanted items.

You can deep-clean your home at this time

Most households are placing greater importance on hygiene at the moment, so what better time to deep-clean certain rooms of your house? With the kitchen being the hub of the home for many families, make sure this area is gleaming, and looking as good as new.

You should also try to spend time in the garden if you have one. With restrictions in place regarding your movements, lounging in the garden is a welcome past-time. Also, creating a stylish and appealing garden helps you connect with likely buyers. A fantastic looking garden creates a positive first impression, and this often sets the scene for buyers making an offer.

We know these are challenging times, but at Innovate, we are here to help. If you have questions about the West Midlands property and rental market, get in touch, and we will be happy to assist you.

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