West Midlands Vendors Looking For Traditional Agents

No matter your thoughts on the re-opening of the housing market, it is easy to see why many people were keen to engage the market as quickly as they could. Some people had house moves sitting in limbo when the market slowed down. Other households have experienced a change in circumstances, requiring a need to move quickly.

Whether you are currently moving, planning on moving as soon as possible or you are content to wait until later, there is a lot to be said for calling on the services of a skilled professional in the housing market.

Experienced agents have been through market ups and downs

The property market has experienced many peaks and troughs in recent years. There have been many challenges, and experienced estate agents have made their way through troubling times, coming out the other side.

While COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation, if you are looking for an agent who has proven themselves adaptable to new working practices, calling on an experienced agent makes sense. Video technology is now central to the needs of the housing market, but online property portals and digital communication have already altered the way the market operates.

Therefore, if you want to feel confident about hiring an estate agent, hire one who has proven themselves to be adaptable at moving with new technology and opportunities. The CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals, Ian MacKenzie, has discussed the need to call on an agent who you trust.

MacKenzie said; "With the online sector of the market under immense pressure, now is the time that truly local, dedicated property professionals can shine. As the property market begins to move again and communities re-establish themselves, neighbourhood agents who are a part of their communities will be an intrinsic part of rebuilding the local economy and getting those regions back on their feet."

You need help from a local West Midlands agent

This is also an ideal time to call on an agent who has considerable experience in the local property market. It is helpful to turn to an agent who knows the level of supply and demand for homes in your area, and who knows what buyers are looking for. In a competitive marketplace, when you can connect with likely buyers, it makes the sales process simpler.

Iain MacKenzie also said; "Now more than ever, consumers will want to work with a local expert who they trust and who can guide them safely through the process of selling and buying a property during these unusual times. Although the property market is open for business, 'business' doesn't look the way it used to, and consumers will need an agent's help to navigate the new normal."

For insight into the initial impact of the property market re-opening, consider the following Yomdel Property Sentiment Tracker information:

New vendor enquiries rose by 67.13%

New buyer enquiries rose by 63.24%

New landlord enquiries rose by 41.9%

New tenants increased by 28.27%

We know these are challenging times, but at Innovate, we are here to help. If you have questions about the West Midlands property and rental market, get in touch with Innovate, and we will be happy to assist you.

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