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Kitchen Appliances for West Midlands Landlords

We know letting property is often a challenging proposition. We are pleased to say we have helped many West Midlands landlords make informed decisions, but there is a lot to consider. A big issue for many landlords is deciding whether to let a furnished or unfurnished property. There are strong arguments for both choices, and we will meet with you and offer tailored advice and guidance as to what is best for you.

However, even if you offer unfurnished property, which is a great choice for many West Midlands landlords, you need to provide kitchen appliances. Tenants expect to be able to store food and prepare their food. Many tenants are also looking for at least a washing machine in their rental property. If you do not provide any white goods or kitchen appliances, you limit the group of people who are willing to let from you.

Therefore, it is best for landlords to consider what kitchen appliances they should offer to tenants. You need to consider the size of your kitchen, and of course, the size of your budget. You need to find an affordable solution that does not threaten your business, or make it difficult for you to generate profit.

Look for value for money kitchen appliances

However, you should not only be looking for the cheapest kitchen appliances. You often find that saving money in the short term leads to spending more in the long term. Information provided by the White Goods Trade Association offers guidance on the dilemma many West Midlands landlords face when providing white goods for their rental property.

The White Goods Trade Association states a washing machine at the cheaper end of the market offers around 600 hours of reliability. At the other end of the market, an expensive washing machine is likely to last for 10,000 hours. There will be a big difference in the cost of these two machines, but think about the cost of the two appliances over the lifetime of the machines.

In the lifetime of the more expensive washing machine, going by the average lifespan stated by the White Goods Trade Association, you would replace the cheaper machine 16 times. You would also have to deal with an unhappy tenant, inconvenience and perhaps paying for a professional to plumb the new machine in every time.

Choose a convenient option for your rental property

When you look at this outcome, the more expensive washing machine starts to offer considerable value for money. It is likely you will want a machine in the middle price-bracket, but it is helpful to remember that the cheapest item can end up costing you a lot more in the longer-term.

West Midlands landlords should also consider the importance of energy-efficiency appliances. Tenants want energy-efficient appliances, as these use less energy, and they run up lower energy bills. With landlords obliged to provide an EPC to tenants, tenants can quickly see how energy efficient a rental property is, and this influences many tenants decision.

If you are a West Midlands landlord, and you wish to make informed decisions on how to bets let your property, please contact Innovate. We have helped many landlords like you, and we aim to do our best to support the local letting community, so get in touch today.

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