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Selling your home is often difficult, and many West Midlands vendors have struggled to sell their home. If you see a neighbour, family member or colleague sell their home quickly, it is inevitable you will feel frustrated at failing to sell your home quickly. However, there may be reasons why you are struggling to sell your home.

At Innovate, we are pleased to say we have helped many vendors in West Midlands sell their home, and we look forward to helping you sell your home. We have a list of problems you should consider if you are struggling to sell your home in the West Midlands.

Have you chosen the wrong estate agent?

There are many estate agents to choose from. Every agent has qualities, but this does not mean they are right for every vendor. If the agent you choose is not skilled in selling homes like yours or they do not have experience in selling homes in your area, they may not be the best agent for your needs.

There are skills that every agent should have, and an agent will feel confident about selling a home anywhere in the country. However, in a challenging climate, you want an agent who knows the local area, who understands what buyers want to see, and how homes in your area are performing. To maximise the chances of selling your home, you need the right agent working on your behalf.

Are you selling at the right time?

Although spring used to be the leading time of the year in the UK property market, you can sell your home at any time. However, don’t think the same strategies and tactics that work in early spring work as effectively in autumn and winter.

If you sold a home previously, do not assume the same tactics will help you sell this time. In autumn and winter, homes are colder, and problems are more apparent. You need to create a more homely atmosphere, and you need to focus on the many small problems that make home life miserable at this time of year.

Also, the right buyer in spring may not be the right buyer in autumn and winter. It is important you reach out to people who are motivated to buy at this time, and who are likely to hold a genuine interest in what you offer.

The right estate agent will help you find the right buyer, all year round.

Is your house ready for viewings?

The viewing stage is essential in selling your home. If your house is not ready for viewers, it becomes hard to make a sale, because people turn away at this stage. You need to create a positive impression, and your home needs to be at a show-home stage if possible. If buyers do not fall in love with your home at this stage, they will not make an offer.

Therefore, it is imperative you present your home in the best manner.

If you are a West Midlands vendor and you are struggling to sell your home, you need help from the experts. At Innovate, we are pleased to say we have helped many vendors in the West Midlands sell their home, and we look forward to assisting you.

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