West Midlands Vendors: Know Your Buyers

When you are selling your home, it helps to know who the most likely buyer is. You'll find your location and the size of your home shapes who is most likely to hold an interest in the property. You should take steps to appeal to this buyer, as attracting their attention and drawing them to the home will enhance your chance of selling the property. At Innovate, we are pleased to say we have helped many vendors connect with buyers, and if you're selling a family home, you want to know what family buyers want.

Price and budget is essential for family buyers

Like all prospective buyers, family buyers have a budget in place when looking at property. You must make sure you place an accurate home on the property, and that it is priced accordingly. This is an area where we provide specialist service and support, helping you connect with the most likely buyer for your property.

Family buyers want to see a home with potential

While you want to make sure your home looks at its best, presenting the most favourable impression for buyers, remember these things can be changed. A buyer may be put off by a poor standard of decoration in a home, but they may not be swayed by attractive decorations. It is far more likely a prospective buyer will be enticed by potential for improvements or additions to the property.

A smart tip for vendors is to apply for planning permission to make changes to the property before they place it on the market. If planning permission is granted, it provides buyers with confidence they can make changes to the property if they purchase it. In a competitive market, this may be the feature which places your home in front of other homes for a likely buyer.

Remove your defects

As mentioned above with respect to decorations, making improvements may not matter too much, but allowing problems to exist will cause you issues. Therefore, bear this in mind in presenting your home and remove as many defects as you can.

If there is repair work needing carried out around the home, do so before you place the property on the market. If you need assistance in this work, and it is often best left to experts, call on the services of a local handyman or repair company. Hiring a professional incurs a cost but the benefits of calling on these experts can help you sell quicker, and for a better price. Also, you will free up time which can be put to better use.

Don't forget the importance of location and facilities

Families aren't just interested in the house, they also want to find out about local schools, facilities, shops and things which make their life easier, more entertaining or helpful for their kids. If you enjoy local facilities, be sure to tell the buyers what you do, and offer advice and tips on making the most of the local area. If you can sell the local area as much as the home, you will enhance your chances of making a sale.

At Innovate, we are more than happy to offer you a valuation service, allowing you to know the true value of your property. If you would like to book a free valuation, contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist you with the process. We aim to help West Midlands vendors sell their home in confidence, and in the most effective way.

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