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Buying your home from our estate agents in Birmingham

Buying a home is one of the most important things you will do in your life, but planning it and taking it step by step will make the process simpler. At Innovate Estate Agents, we believe these steps will help you buy a home.

  • Start with finances, be clear on your budget and start saving for your deposit
  • Look into saving schemes or Government backed Help To Buy options
  • With a budget in place, consider what locations you want to stay in
  • Be clear on what size of home you need and what must be present in your local community
  • Get help from the professionals, enlisting a solicitor who can offer guidance and advice
  • Arrange viewings and ask questions about the property and area
  • Make an offer and arrange for surveys and reports to be carried out
  • Remain in regular contact with your legal team

Selling your home with our estate agents in Birmingham

As with buying a home, the selling process begins with reviewing your finances. Get property valuations and seek recommendations for an agent. Present your home with the likely buyer in mind and arrange viewings. When a suitable offer comes in, accept it, enlist legal support to represent you and fill out questionnaires before exchanging contracts and moving out.

How to choose an estate agent

The right professional has a huge impact on how you fare in the property market and an Innovate Estate Agents, we want you to find the best agent for your needs. Here are some tips to remember when choosing an estate agent:

  • Know what services you need from an agent
  • Do your research on what each agent has to offer
  • Read reviews, testimonials and enquire as to whether the agent is a member of a regulatory body
  • Talk to potential agents and ask questions, develop a feel for what they provide
  • Be aware of the gap between asking prices and sales prices, being mindful that some agents may overvalue to gain an instruction - check if an agent has a high ratio of price reductions
  • Get at least three property valuations when selling your home

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